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First ever Kalarippayat Teacher Training in the West

Here is some wonderful news! In May 2010, Kalari Sangha will host the West's first ever Kalari teacher training and immersion. Held in Oaxaca, Mexico, the retreat will break participants from their daily lives and provide an opportunity to really grow and experience the practice like never before. We will have two intense practices per day, famous Oaxacan cuisine and time for contemplation and relaxation.

Dates: May 1st - 15th, 2010
Teacher training starts on Saturday of each week. (For the immersion you can pick your dates anywhere within the May 1 - 15 window, from a long weekend to the full two weeks.)

The Practice:
Much like Kalari practice in India, the morning sessions will focus on repetition, (Abhyasi = "the repeating one"), internalizing the movement patterns, programming the the "reptile brain". Beginners will be able to lay the foundations of the practice on a level that would take weeks or months in a normal class setting. For advanced students it will offer deep immersion, unique forms and exercises not commonly taught in daily classes or workshops outside of India.
The afternoons practices will be lighter, and each have a different focus, expanding into new areas of study, also giving a theoretical understanding.

Teacher Training:
For those following our Teacher Training Certification course, this Oaxaca retreat will count for 80 of the 200 required contact hours. Kalari Sangha is planning two more immersions this year in Central America, two in Europe, and weekend modules in European and U.S. cities, that will also count toward the total number of required hours. We'll detail the full structure of the teacher training in our next message, so stay in touch!

Here's a glimpse at the daily schedule:
06.30 - 07.00 Tea
07.00 - 09.30 Practice
10.00 - 11.00 Breakfast
11.00 - 01.30 Self practice / Treatments / Spare time
01.30 - 03.00 Lunch
03.00 - 04.30 Teacher Training / Practicums
04.30 - 06.00 Practice
06.30 - 07.30 Dinner
08.00 - 09.00 Teacher Training Lectures and Q&As / Spare time

Location: La Loma Linda Retreat Center
Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

La Loma Linda Retreat Center is tucked away in lush foliage on the coast of Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico. It has absolutely beautiful views of the neighboring ocean and rolling green hills, and is the perfect locale to train hard and rest well. More online at www.lalomalinda.com.

Please contact Gerhard Schmid for information on Kalarippayat Teacher Training.
Phone: +1-347-688-4283