Kalari Retreat with C. M. Sherif Gurukkal

September 11th to 18th, 2009
We are very happy to announce that C. M. Sherif Gurukkal, the head of our lineage, is visiting Europe again, after 10 long years! Join us to celebrate a week of deep immersion into the ancient Martial Art: Kalarippayat.

C. M. Sherif Gurukkal in the Kalari

Beginners will be able to lay the foundations of the practice on a level that would take weeks or months in a normal class setting. For advanced students it will offer deep immersion, unique forms and exercises not commonly taught in daily classes or workshops outside of India.

In addition a limited number of Kalari Treatments and Massages will be offered, greatly enhancing the evolution of the practitioners physical and spiritual body, and offering therapeutics for those who may need healing.

This very special retreat will happen in Latvia at a retreat centre deep in the beautiful countryside, with pools, saunas, steam baths and a pond for swimming, all just steps from the living quarters. Kalari-Sangha has teamed up with Shivas Centre in Riga (Latvia) for this event, and in addition to the fantastic accommodations, the cooking staff from the Shivas Centre will accompany us on the retreat and provide delicious Ayurvedic meals cooked fresh three times a day.

Cost: We are currently negotiating conditions to enable as many of you as possible to come.

How to get there: AirBaltic and RyanAir fly to Riga from many European destinations, many other airlines do too.

Dates: From September 11th to 18th 2009

Mark your calendar, save the dates, and make your flight plans as soon as possible, airfare to Riga is quite inexpensive at the moment, and we know this retreat will fill up fast!

More details will follow, but as time is of the essence, and because of the importance of this event, we want to get the word out quickly so that you may begin to make your plans. We will post furthur information shortly, stay tuned.