First ever Kalari Sangha Teacher Training and Immersion

First ever Kalari Sangha Teacher Training and Immersion

Here is some wonderful news! In May, Kalari Sangha will host the West's first ever Kalari teacher training and immersion. Held in Oaxaca, Mexico, the retreat will break participants from their daily lives and provide an opportunity to really grow and experience the practice like never before. We will have two intense practices per day, famous Oaxacan cuisine and time for contemplation and relaxation. This format is authentic to training in India, but we're bringing it much, much closer to the States.

Wild boar posture

Additionally, we're providing the opportunity for those interested to take the first step toward teacher certification in the lineage of C. M. Sherif, Gurukkal. You can stay from a weekend through two weeks at a cost of $1,500 to $1,800 per week, with transportation as your only additional expense.

La Loma Linda, Mexico

For more details, dates, and prices, click here. See you in sunny Mexico!