Kalarippayat Intensive and Introductory Workshop with Kai Hitzer

Kai is back from India and will teach the upcoming intensive on September 27th and 28th and the introductory workshop on October 4th and 5th. Both workshops will be held at SUTRA.Collective in Hamburg, Germany.

The Intensive (September 27th-28th) will give Abhyasis who have already completed at least one Introductory Workshop the chance to deeply immerse into the heart of the practice and cultivate Flow, Steadfastness, Aligment and Grounding. A regular participation in the intensives is an integral part of the traditional student-teacher-relationship and prerequisite for the upcoming teacher training program.

The Introductory Workshop
(October 4th and 5th) will give beginners an overview of Kalarippayat, its rich history and the spectrum of its practice and tradition. The differences and similarities with Hatha Yoga will be explored and the key principles of Kalarippayat will be illustrated: Extension of sensory awareness, opening and closing vs. gradually opening, doing vs. thinking, embodiment vs. enactment, Shiva and Shakti etc.

Details about the Workshop can be found on the site of SUTRA.Collective. The website is in german so please contact us if you need additional information regarding reservations and booking procedures. Spaces are limited but still available.