First Kalarippayat Workshop in Riga

The first Kalari Workshop in Riga was a huge success with a maximum of 48 people attending including the staff of "Shiva Centrs" in Riga. It was a fantastic experience and the extend of hospitality, dedication and professionalism was amazing. As most of the practicioners present were long term students of Hatha Yoga and other vedic sciences, the Kalari workshop became quite demanding, leading up to several full Shiva Forms of the Pilaitangi branch.

The Kalari Workshop in Riga really illustrated the concept of global Yoga transcending mere language boundaries: Germans teaching in English which is translated to Russian for Latvian students. Riga is what could justly be called "the vedic capital of europe" and studies of the various vedic sciences like Jyotish, Ayurveda and Yoga are favourite passtimes and a way of life.

"Shiva Centrs" is a beautiful studio with its roots dating back to 1989. The studio creates its own water and provides Ayurvedic meals for the students on a daily basis. I think the specially prepared ayurvedic pizza became one of our favourites, as well as the city and its people. Thank you Shiva, Andrejs, Maris and all the staff for making this such a great experience for all of us. We will be back soon!

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