Dear Abhyasis, friends and lovers of the art of Kalarippayat,

We still remember the story our teacher, C.M. Sherif Gurukkal, told us about his innitiation into the Kalari. He was just 14 back then and the fact that he was a muslim and his teacher-to-be a hindu created a lot of commotion in the respective muslim and hindu communities. However, traditionally the Kalari was never a place of segregation on the grounds of concepts such as creed, colour, caste, religion or sex and the two started a fruiful teacher-student-relationsh
ip that has been lasting for over 40 years.

Candran Gurukkal
is now in his 70s, but his eyes still radiate the fire of a 25 year old Abhyasi. He likes to say: "I know how to cure backpain, but I just don't know what it feels like." Still today, he frequently visits and it is a rare pleasure to listen to him chanting Sankrit verses from the Gita on our teacher's porch in the evenings.

Let's keep our community just as open-minded, tolerant and strong.

With open eyes,

Gerhard Schmid and Kai Hitzer

C.M. Sherif Gurukkal