Kalari Chikitsa - Kalari Therapy

As a traditional healing art “Kalari” has an in-depth knowledge of the human body – including its subtle structures.

Kalari Masters are therefore considered to be the physiotherapists and neurologists of Ayurveda, Kalari Masters are often involved in its holistic healing approach. Not only do the Kalari Masters take in to consideration the physiological level of muscles, bones and tendons, but even more so the energy channels, “Nadis”, that have been known and used in treatment of illness and injury for thousands of years.

The junctions of these Nadis are called “Marma-Points” Both the Marmas and Nadis are harmonized and vitalized by these special massage treatments which are unique to Kalarippayat.

Kalari massage treatments are traditionally given with ayurvedic oils that are medicated with up to one hundred different herbs. This increases the potency of the treatment. The specific oil to be used in treatment is chosen depending on the constitutional type (dosha) of the client.