Kai Hitzer

Kai's way into Kalari began at age 13 when he started taking martial art lessons, including Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jutsu and Chinese Boxing. He later aquired a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. Soon afterwards left the martial arts for what he felt was a lack of true spiritual depth and turned to Yoga. Since 2000 he has studied styles like Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Sivananda and Indian schools of traditional Hatha Yoga and meditation. He holds an advanced teacher certificate from the "Koodalor Mana Parampara", a lineage of traditional Hatha Yoga which is over a thousand years old and was once recognized as the vedic university of Southern India.

In 2004 his destination became suddenly clear when he was able to cure a slipped disc syndrom he was suffering from at the time by the means of three simple Kalari exercises. Inspired by this experience he soon embarked on his first trip to Kerala to continue his studies under Grandmaster C.M. Sherif Gurukkal of Kannur. For Kai, Kalarippayat combines the best of all worlds. His lessons are characterized by a deep understanding of moving arts as well as the underlying principles of philosophy.