Gerhard Schmid

Gerhard found the practice of Kalari (Kalarippayat) in 1999. From the first session onwards Gerhard was amazed about the effects: After a hard training he felt energized, more present than before, rather than depleted as he had with previous types of training. Since then Gerhard has embarked on a powerful journey, training up to six months every year with his teacher C. M. Sherif Gurukal in Kerala/India, and immersing himself ever deeper into what is said to be the most ancient martial art in the world.He is a certified instructor (Ashan) of the Kerala Kalarippyat Academy in Kannur / Kerala and teaches at his own studio in Hamburg/Germany as well in various places around the world. Gerhard has completed ten years of the traditional 12-year-“gurukkula”-education and is one of the very few Westerners who have been trained and given permission to teach in the three different styles of Kalarippayat.
Gerhard has intensely explored the traditional weapons of the Kalari, among these the Otta, a marma weapon unique to Kalari.

Kalarippayat, not only being a martial art, but at the same time being a healing art (Chikitsa), offers a wide range of treatments and is considered to be the neurology and physiotherapy branch of Ayurveda. Gerhard is also studied in this side of Kalari, which is equally important to the tradition and permission to give these treatments in only given to Kalari’s most senior students.

As such its focus is on the marmas, the vital spots of the body. Gerhard is trained both in nadi and marma therapy as well as in foot massage (Chavutti Uzhichil) – a complex full body treatment given with the feet of the therapist.

His inspiring classes are deeply rooted in his fundamental knowledge, his descriptive approach, his love to share what he was granted to discover and his great sense of humor. His ability to lead each student according to his/her individual potential makes every class an experience of growth and joy – for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
Born in southern Germany and raised in Toronto/Canada, Gerhard has lived in Ireland, France and Germany. In an “earlier life” he has been a fashion-photographer and web designer. Teaching and continuously learning Kalari, the true cosmopolitan is now based in Hamburg, frequently traveling to India and abroad.