Glossary of terms used in Kalarippayat

Abhyasi - "the repeating one", sanskrit term applied to Kalari-practicioners.

- the honorary southern Indian title equivalent to "Guru" (teacher), but refering to the lineage as a whole and not to the individual person. It actually denotes the plural of the term "Guru".

Kalari - Malayalam equivalent of the Sanskrit term "Akasha" meaning "space". Also translates as "training ground" or "arena".

Kalarippayat(tu) - Malayalam word made up of the terms "Kalari" and "Ppayat(tu)", which simply means "practice" or "exercise". The "tu" in the end of the word is silent and pronounciation is stressed on the first syllable as in "K√°laripayat".

Kula - Malayalam and sanskrit for "Family".